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Angel Kristi Williams is a filmmaker born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Her work has screened in art galleries, numerous festivals around the world and garnered the attention of Participant Media, before completing her MFA at Columbia College Chicago. Her short film "Charlotte," won the jury awards at Atlanta and Sarasota Film Festivals.  Angel is a 2014 Film Independent Project Involve Fellow, where she was the recipient of the Sony Pictures Diversity Fellowship. Her feature directorial debut, Really Love was selected to play in narrative competition at SXSW and won the Special Jury Recognition for Acting for co-stars Kofi Siriboe and Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing.

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We report about life in Social Distant.  How are you holding up?  We talk about celebs on social media.  And we breakdown some films.  Dead Man Walking.  The Passion of The Christ. Fargo. No Country for Old Men

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We are bored and decided to do another show.  We breakdown the democratic primary.

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Dr. Shakib Hassan joins to the show to talk about the danger of the Coronavirus.  How long will the outbreak last?  What can we do to protect ourselves?



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Hans had a breakthrough in therapy today.  We discuss fatherhood and dealing with demons of the past.


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We breakdown the comments of Pastor Troy on the Grammy outfit of Lil Nas X.  Here is a sneak preview...PASTOR TROY IS A DAMN FOOL

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Rest in Peace to Kobe.  We also discuss Terry Crews and Menelek has a problem with Black Brits.



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We start with a fight.  Then we break down the latest Oscar stuff.  Then we talk break down Tyler Perry's recent post about not having a writer's room.

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We break down "Don't Fuck This Up" on Netflix.  Was this a good move for Kevin Hart?  Menelek rants about Star Wars.  HAPPY NEW YEAR, GANG!

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