Back of the Theater Podcast

Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez is a writer, director and editor from NYC.

Sonia’s directing credits include the short comedies DEBUTANTE and URBAN LULLABY,
as well as the feature-length, award-winning documentary BRAGGING RIGHTS:
STICKBALL STORIES, about the history and players of the New York City game of
stickball. In 2012, Sonia formed T&A Flicks, a comedy team with actress Tammi
Cubilette and comedian Angelo Lozada, producing 9 short comedies in 2012. In 2015,
T&A Flicks launched their 8-episode comedy web series GET SOME! on KollideTV. GET
SOME! is a comedy web series about a Nuyorican couple from the Bronx who go out of their way to keep their marriage sexy. Email us at

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