Back of the Theater Podcast

Hans and Menelek breakdown Magic Johnson's abrupt departure from the Lakers.  We talk some cinematography.  What happens to Space Jam 2??

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We talk about the passing of LA rapper Nipsey Hussle.

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Menelek finally watches Ozark after Hans told him about it two years ago.  We discuss Spielberg's comments about Streaming services and if those films qualify for Oscars.

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Menelek's good friend Shakib joins the show to talk about medical stuff.  He's a doctor.

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The news of the week.

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We back.

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Post Superbowl discussion. 

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Hans reports from Park City.  We breakdown music.  Why is Maron 5 popular?

Tickets for the LA screening of 1 Angry Black Man are available at



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1 Angry Black Man will screen at the Denton Black Film Festival January 26th at 1:00pm.  Tickets available at

Hans will be at Sundance for the World Premiere of Wu Tang: Of Mics and Men. 


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Just listen to the show and the title will make sense.

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Happy New Year, Gang!  We screen at the Denton Black Film Festival January 26th at 1:00pm. 


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