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Merry Christmas from the Back of The Theater Podcast!  We start the show with an argument about capitalism.  We talk about the show 'Hoarders" and our favorite Chirstmas movies.  Part two airs next week.  Email us your thoughts at

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We start the show by discussing D'Angelo's first studio album in 14 years.  Hans reports from the Washinton, DC preimere of "Selma".  We also talk about the Sony Hacking scandal.  Follow us on twitter. @backseatheater

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We talk about the cast of the new Biblical Epic "Exodus: God and Kings".  We talk casting and the problems with the Hollywood Machince.  We also talk about the Police protests around the country and the future of civil unrest.  Like us at

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Stephen Hill is an in actor based in NYC. He studied at the Susan Batson Studio. His television credits include, Boardwalk Empire, Law and Order, Louie, and Its Always Sunny in Philedelphia.  He has also starred in  films like Stay Cold and Stay Hungry and Christmas Wedding Baby among his over fifty acting credits.  Christmas Wedding Baby premiers Monday Dec 8 2014 on BET at 8:00PM EST.  Follow him on twitter & Instagram @Stephenhillacts

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We discuss the Michael Brown case and the riots in Ferguson.  What is the future of activism in Black America?  Menelek talks about his new found fatherhood. Happy Thanksgiving.  Like us on facebook.

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Bill Grant returns to guest host with Hans.  Menelek is away with his new born baby, Mateo.  We talk Bill Cosby, and the awful Aaliyah bio pic.  Like our show at

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We begin with a discussion about an Op-Ed piece written by Lawrence Otis Graham about racism and money.  Does wealth destroy racism?  We then discuss the social evolution of the Black Church.  Like us on

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We breakdown the demorcrats loss in the mid-term elections.  We actually have a civil conversation about religion.  We also play a clip of Mos Def vs Chirstopher Hitchens.  Not pretty.  Email us at

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Well, not nothing.  We talk about some stuff.  We debate the virtue of being on time & Hans reports from a film screening.  We also talk childbirth.  Email us at

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We start the show with a discussion about the controversy stirred by comedian Hannibal Buress and his jokes about Bill Cosby's image.  We discuss Cosby's thoughts on Black America.  We read some fan email and discuss some upcoming films.  Like us on facebook.

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Ja’Tovia Gary is an artist and filmmaker from Dallas, Texas currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Gary’s work confronts traditional notions surrounding representation and identity through film and performance while positing the concept of Black female subjectivity as a point of entry. Gary is a graduate of the Social Documentary Filmmaking MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her short film Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO has screened at Frameline Film Festival, Toronto InsideOut Film Festival, and received the audience award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. She is currently in production on her first feature film The Evidence of Things Not Seen, an experimental autobiographical documentary which explores notions of the self, Black American religious traditions, trauma, family, nostalgia and psychoanalysis.

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We start the show with an in depth discussion of the HBO series True Detective and the themes of the show.  We play some audio from Raven-Symone's interview with Oprah where she declares herself only an "American".  Oh yea, we also argue about religion.  Again.  Email us at

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We kick around a few stories. NYC Film Fest. Lord Jamar. TLC & Tribe Called Quest.  Menelek tries to be a DJ and Hans talks about the joy of parenting.  Email us at

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Hans reports from the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City.  We discuss the awful stand up comedy of Nick Cannon.  Menelek is a bit under the weather after a trip to Vegas.  Excuse his voice.  We also discuss the latest news in the NFL's scandal.  Email us at

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The suspension of Ray Rice looks pretty weak in the wake of new evidence.  Will Roger Goodell surive?  We also talk about Bruce Levenson, the owner of the Atlanta Hawks and his racially charged emails.  And Karaoke.  Email us

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Darius Clark Monroe joins the show to discuss his film Evolution of a Criminal.  He talks about the making of the film and getting his life on track after prision.  Learn more about the film on  Great conversation. 

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Menelek reports from the Mad Decent Block Party in Denver where Outkast was the headliner.  We talk hip-hop past and present.  Hans talks about his film class.  We then debate the place of film and academics.  Follow us on twitter. @backseatheater

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The show starts with Hans trying to explain Nicki Minaj to Menelek.  We talk about sexual politics in Hip-Hop and listen to another clip from Lord Jamar.  We talk about the riots in Ferguson, MO and U.S. Presidents.  Follow us on twitter @backseatheater.

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Friend of the show Dr. Bill Grant returns for an in depth conversation about Police Brutality, Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams and Mental Health in the Black Community.  Follow us on twitter @backseatheater

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We start the show with some audio of Louis Farrakhan saying some wild things.  Hans gives us a report from the BlackStar Film Festival in Philly.  Follow us on twitter! @backseatheater on twitter.  Email us at  Like us on facebook at

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Christian Epps’ career as a lighting designer has spanned more than two decades covering the range from major motion pictures, broadcast television, live theater, dance, music videos and special
events.  He talks cinematography & working with directors like Spike Lee and Hype Williams.


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We talk Tony Dungy and his comments on Michael Sam. We talk about the new Roger Ebert Documentary "Life Itself" and the impact of internet film criticism. We also talk about the tragic death of Eric Garner and the impact of Police Work in the Black community. Email us at

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Montré Missouri sits on the faculty at Howard University's film school and is the Founding Director of Parallel Film Collective. Find more information at

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Buckle Up.  Lots of topics this week.  Hip Hop Radio.  The Godfather.  Apocolypse Now.  Do The Right Thing.  Transformers (film and TV show).  And lots of other stuff.  Email us at Like our facebook page.

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Relax.  We don't talk about Nick Cannon the whole show.  We get into some news stories and talk about educational issues facing young Black people.  Menelek talks about seeing his child for the first time.

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Hans Returns and reports from his trip to the LA film festival. We talk about the business side of film festivals and how to network.  Menelek talks about a recent concert of 90's R&B stars.  Then we kind of just listen to music for the rest of the show.

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Hans is traveling this week.  We called Aunt Rhonda from the Bull Pen for some relief pitching.  We talk about Black Preachers, Do The Right Thing, Die Hard and The Yearling.  She really likes The Yearling.  Follow the show at















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Tahir Jetter returns to talk about his web series "Hard Times".  We talk about the job of a director.  And Chris Isaak.  Yeah.  That happened. Check out the show at


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Bill Grant returns for a debate about LeBron James and Michael Jordan.  We also talk John Singleton, Luther Vandross and the Spygate Scandal.  Give your thoughts on the show to

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We discuss the passing of Dr. Maya Angelou.  Other topics include, Religion, Ray Rice and awful slam poetry.

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The great Gordon Willis passed away this week.  We talk about his work on such films as The Godfather & Annie Hall.  Check out our Facebook page and Email us at


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We talk Solange Knowles, Drake and Donald Sterling.  You can now find The Back of The Theater podcast on Facebook.  Menelek shares big news at the end of the show. 

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Menelek gets pretty fired up this week.  We start the show with a discussion about the NBA playoffs and some drama in the Pacers locker room.  We then dive into a discussion about a controversial skit on SNL by comedian Leslie Jones.  Ebony magazine subscribers may get offended. 

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Friend of the show Dr. Bill Grant returns and gives us his take on the NBA's decision to ban Donald Sterling for life.  The Chicago Native also gives his thoughts on the violence in Chicago. Follow him on twitter @_inknthread

Email your thoughts to

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Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling made some racist comments to his mistress.  We listen to the audio aquired by TMZ.  Email your thoughts to


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Hans starts the show with big news.  He will be on the crew for the new MLK bio pic "Selma".  Menelek talks about his time in College Admission.  We talk HBCU's & President Obama.  And then we start rapping.  Email us at

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Hans is fresh from the One Mic Hip Hop Festival.  We talk Hip Hop and Climate change.  Don't ask how that happened. 

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We cover a lot in this episode.  In no particular order: Lauryn Hill, Mental Health, Good Will Hunting, Michael Eric Dyson, Al Sharpton, The N-Word, Do The Right Thing, Gibberish Rap and movies that made us cry.  Pack a lunch for this one.  Email us at

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Maori Holmes is the founding director of the BlackStar film festival.  Find info about the festival at  Great Convo. 

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We work through some issues in the beginning of the show.  We have been getting on each other's nerves.  It happens.  We then dive into a conversation about Tyler Perry's recent boxoffice problems.  And then we get into a Kanye vortex.  Email us at

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Professor and Filmmaker Dr. Bill Grant joins the show.  He talks about his film and teaching career.  We get into a debate about Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song.  This podcast covers a lot of ground: Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Jimi Hendrix and the current state of film criticism.  Pick up his book Post-Soul Black Cinema: Discontinuities, Innovations and Breakpoints, 1970-1995.  A great read.

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Actress DeWanda Wise joins us for a chat about the craft of acting.  She tells stories about auditions, New York & Los Angeles.  Great conversation.  Follow her on twitter @DeWandaWise

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We start the show with a discussion about the tragedy in Gerogia on the set of "Midnight Rider".  Hans talks about crew safety and how this accident might change filmmaking forever.  We discuss the Oscars and the validity of award shows.  And we talk hair.  True story. 

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A.J. chats with us about Daughters of the Dust, Cinematography and the entire film industry.  Great chat.  Amazing guy.

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In one of our typical conversations, we talk about Hip Hop, Patrice O'neal, Alice Walker and film snobbery.

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Hans and Menelek both respond to Dylan Farrow's accusation of child molestation agaist her father Woody Allen.  We discuss the films of Woody Allen and how one should respond to his work in spite of his personal history.  We end the show with a conversation about Michael Sam, who may be the first openly gay player in the NFL.

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NYU and Sundance Alum Tahir Jetter joins the show.  We talk about his web series "Hard Times", film schools, John Singleton and the future of African American cinema.  Follow him on twitter @tahirtweets.  Good dude.  Good chat.

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