Back of the Theater Podcast

A.J. chats with us about Daughters of the Dust, Cinematography and the entire film industry.  Great chat.  Amazing guy.

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In one of our typical conversations, we talk about Hip Hop, Patrice O'neal, Alice Walker and film snobbery.

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Hans and Menelek both respond to Dylan Farrow's accusation of child molestation agaist her father Woody Allen.  We discuss the films of Woody Allen and how one should respond to his work in spite of his personal history.  We end the show with a conversation about Michael Sam, who may be the first openly gay player in the NFL.

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NYU and Sundance Alum Tahir Jetter joins the show.  We talk about his web series "Hard Times", film schools, John Singleton and the future of African American cinema.  Follow him on twitter @tahirtweets.  Good dude.  Good chat.

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