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Menelek can't stop listening to "Damn", the new Kendrick Lamar record.  Hans is mad that Menelek likes it.  Hans and Menelek argue over health tips.  The guys break down the Jesse Williams controversy.  Crowdfunding for 1 Angry Black Man starts soon.  Information can be found here.


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Menelek share his thoughts on the Netfilx Documentary about the Sandy Hook shooting.  Our Crowdfunding campaign has been pushed back two weeks.  Find information about our film at


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We discuss John Ridley's controversial comments about the lack of Black Female representation in his new Showtime series "Guerrilla".  We debate music producers.  Our crowdfunding campaign starts April 19th.  Find more information about the film here.

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We provide a frame by frame  analysis of the new Pepsi commercial, featuring Kendall Jenner getting woke.  Our crowdfunding campaign goes live in 2 weeks!  Please join our mailing list at this link..


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