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Menelek is all alone.  That means critical analysis.  Merry Christmas.

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We spend most of this show trying to get Cisco on the air.  When we get him, his call drops.  Thanks, Obama.



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We start by talking about the Charalamagne the God's twitter beef with the entire world.  We talk about the season finale to Insecure. 

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Menelek is angry at everyone.  Hans gets angry.  Then we talk Kanye, Coates and Patrice Oneal. 

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This one gets intense.  Hans and Menelek talk about Adrian Peterson & the impact of child abuse on the Black Community.  We have some fun at the end and talk some Kanye.  Kanye makes it so easy. 

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We start with some election talk.  We then dive into a discussion about the Indie Film sensation "Moonlight".

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We get bad news on election night.  Bill Grant joins us.  It's get emotional. 

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The CUBS win while we talk for 2 hours.  We breakdown the Corey Feldman performance on the today show.  We talk cinematography and show business.  Congrats to Cubs fans.  

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Menelek is tired.  Hans has a lot to say. 

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We discuss The Birth of A Nation and Han's new found fame.  Menelek has a negative attitude. 

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We talk about the critical acclaim of the 13th and the financial failure of The Birth of a Nation.

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We discuss Nate Parke's The Birth of A Nation.  What is the best way to handle it?  We talk mental health and Han's big break.

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We finish up. 

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We start with a discussion about the latest shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte.  We play some clips of stupid Ray Lewis being stupid.  And arrows in our quivers.  Email us at

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Dr. Bill Grant joins the show yet again.  We talk Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, The French Laundry and Menelek's feet.

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"Kat" is is a cultural architect with a focus in things that are progressive and Black.  She is a full time professor of Literature at Montgomery County Community College.  Her company, Lil SoSo Productions is well known in DC and can be found at

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Vacation is over.  Hans and I talk Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, Kaepernick, and Paul Mooney.  Did we miss something?  Call us! 646-504-5476

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We are on vacation.


In our first Episode, We talk about the Superbowl, Film Critic Armond White and the state of Black Television.  Hans tells a story about being on the set of Whitney Houston's last music video. We end the show with a conversation about screenwriting.

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This will be our last show for 3 weeks.  We talk about the latest big budget debacle Suicide Squad.  The Christian Bale meltdown returns and the Passion of The Christ.

See you all in September.

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Hans is mad at Menelek.  We then talk about how to deal with grief and forgiveness.  Email us at

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Hans reports from location in Philly.  Menelek is tired.  Silliness happens.

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Hans is out.  Bill Grant joins the show.  We talk Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  We then dive into a film discussion.  Menelek and Bill talk about meeting each other at Colorado College 18 years ago.

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We start the show with a discussion of homophobia in hip hop.  We then discuss yet another police shooting.  Menelek eats at a very expensive restaurant. 

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Hans is on the road.  Menelek talks about some of some of the greatest openings in film history.

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Roya Rastegar is the Director of Programming at the LA Film Festival. For the past decade, she has worked for a range of festivals, including Tribeca, Sundance, and the Santa Cruz Woman of Color Film Festival. Roya’s writing on race and popular culture has appeared in various outlets, including The Nation, IndieWire, and The Huffington Post. Before joining the LA Film Festival,  Roya taught at Bryn Mawr College after receiving her PhD in the History of Consciousness from the University of California, under the guidance of Angela Y. Davis.

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Menelek's son won't stay in his crib.  Hans gives some advice.  We then talk about religion and the recent mass shooting in Orlando. 

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Hans is out.  Menelek rambles about Ali.  And Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven

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We talk about the Netflix Documentary "The Mask You Live In".  What is masculinity?  How do we define it for our sons?  Hans tells some Howard stories as well. 

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Menelek is trying to learn the guitar.  Hans is Menelek missed the deadline of a fellowship.  We talk about Eddie Murphy's old gay jokes.  We also breakdown Hollywood Shuffle.  Email us at

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We discuss the culture of pubic shame and internet rage.  We discuss the failure of progressives in regards to free speech and the hostility of college campuses.  Email us at

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We create our own electoral maps and discuss the impact of public emotion.  Are musicians crazy?  

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We play some jazz this week.  We talk parenting.  Internet trolls.  Woody Allen. The Godfather. 

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We start the show with a break down of the new Beyonce joint Lemonade.  We then talk all things Prince

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We start the show with a discussion LGBT cinema and filmmaker Ang Lee.  We discuss gay rights in Black community.  We take Hip Hop and 9/11 conspiracies.   

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We promise this is the only show covering these two topics.  Hans has booked his first feature film as a D.P.  We talk about planning to shoot a documentary and making your day as a director.  We talk about the rise and fall of Matty Rich.  Somehow we end up talking about Jon B.  Can a white R&B singer crossover?

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Hans is on the road so all you get is Menelek ranting about Ray Lewis, Writer's Block and Seventies film.  

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After a much needed week off, we jump right into some news stories.  We talk LeBron James, Nick Young and slut shaming.  

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We talk about the supreme court nomination.  It gets ugly. 


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Emayatzy Corinealdi can be seen in the upcoming Miles Davis bio pic "Miles Ahead".  You can also see her in the new reboot of "Roots".  

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We break down Chris Rock's monologue at the Oscars.  We discuss comedy and the Nina Simone biopic.





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The show starts a little rough.  We get into about radio, religion, and gender politics.  Lord Jamar gives us more radio gold.  Check out our website.

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We talk about Kendrick Lamar and the Grammys.  This turns into yet another conversation about religion. Email us at

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Dr. Bill grant joins the show to discuss the social media uproar about the Beyonce Video.  Go Broncos.

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We talk about the new FX series.  We dive into the impact of the trial and the different reactions to the verdict 20 years ago.  Where were you when you heard the verdict?

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Menelek starts the show with an apology.  We dive into a complete breakdown of the Sundance trip.  Email us at

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We report live from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  We talk about finally entering "The Room" and the overall vibe of the festival.  We also talk about the future of cinema.  Enjoy.  Give us your feedback at

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We break down the backlash from the Oscar's lack of diversity.  We play clips from Jada Smith and the reply from Janet Hubert.  What does it mean to win an award?  Email us at

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We start the show with a talk about a new article from Ta-Nehisi Coates about Bill Cosby.  We then talk about being fathers in a cruel and harsh world.



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We break down the latest news about Dr. Cosby, Jaden Smith and Hans tells a college story. 

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We discuss the latest case of police murder.  We also talk about the first criminal charges against Bill Cosby.  We talked about Star Wars, but Menelek didn't record it.

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