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The most random show ever.  Excuse the sound.  Menelek doesn't have access to his home studio.  We talk about Coates, Thanksgiving, and Sushi.  In that order.

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Numa Perrier is an actress, visual artist, filmmaker, and pioneer of online entertainment. She is Co-Founder of the network Black&SexyTV where she nurtures projects from script to screen. She writes for and stars as "Chick" in the popular series "The Couple" which is being developed as a TV series for HBO with Spike Lee attached as Executive Producer.

Numa's work as a trans-media artist exploring themes of identity, the feminine landscape, sensuality, and unconventional family dynamics, has her in the forefront of emerging contemporary artists. She creates primarily film, photo, and large scale installation works.

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A.J. is an award winning Cinematographer and Director.  His credits include Daughters of The Dust and Spike Lee's Crooklyn.  Email us

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We discuss religion and the value of Hope in the civil rights movements.  We play some Pastor Manning and Lord Jamar clips.  Email us at

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