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Menelek starts the show with an apology.  We dive into a complete breakdown of the Sundance trip.  Email us at

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We report live from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  We talk about finally entering "The Room" and the overall vibe of the festival.  We also talk about the future of cinema.  Enjoy.  Give us your feedback at

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We break down the backlash from the Oscar's lack of diversity.  We play clips from Jada Smith and the reply from Janet Hubert.  What does it mean to win an award?  Email us at

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We start the show with a talk about a new article from Ta-Nehisi Coates about Bill Cosby.  We then talk about being fathers in a cruel and harsh world.



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We break down the latest news about Dr. Cosby, Jaden Smith and Hans tells a college story. 

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We discuss the latest case of police murder.  We also talk about the first criminal charges against Bill Cosby.  We talked about Star Wars, but Menelek didn't record it.

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