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Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling made some racist comments to his mistress.  We listen to the audio aquired by TMZ.  Email your thoughts to


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Hans starts the show with big news.  He will be on the crew for the new MLK bio pic "Selma".  Menelek talks about his time in College Admission.  We talk HBCU's & President Obama.  And then we start rapping.  Email us at

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Hans is fresh from the One Mic Hip Hop Festival.  We talk Hip Hop and Climate change.  Don't ask how that happened. 

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We cover a lot in this episode.  In no particular order: Lauryn Hill, Mental Health, Good Will Hunting, Michael Eric Dyson, Al Sharpton, The N-Word, Do The Right Thing, Gibberish Rap and movies that made us cry.  Pack a lunch for this one.  Email us at

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Maori Holmes is the founding director of the BlackStar film festival.  Find info about the festival at  Great Convo. 

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