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Nefertite Nguvu is a graduate of New York's School of Visual Arts, where she obtained a B.F.A. in Film.  Her thesis project at SVA won the award Outstanding Screenplay.  With her company Hollywood Africans LLC, Nefertite has written, produced, and directed two shorts films: a uniquely stylized black and white romance entitled "I Want You", in 2007, and "The End of Winter," an emotional meditation on loss in 2009, both of which screened at numerous film festivals.  Follow her on twitter @nefertitenguvu.

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Menelek's college buddy and fan of the show Leonard joins the show.  We talk about Comic Book films, religion and Star Wars.  Hans gives us another breakdown of Project Greenlight.

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We start the show with a discussion about Lamar Odom's drug overdose in Nevada.  We end the show with a critical breakdown of Do The Right Thing. 

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We start the show with a debate about forgiveness.  This leads to a critical analysis of the ending of The Color Purple. 

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Hans and Menelek tell stories about their time at Howard.  We break down the latest episode of Project Greenlight.

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