Back of the Theater Podcast

We finish up. 

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We start with a discussion about the latest shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte.  We play some clips of stupid Ray Lewis being stupid.  And arrows in our quivers.  Email us at

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Dr. Bill Grant joins the show yet again.  We talk Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, The French Laundry and Menelek's feet.

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"Kat" is is a cultural architect with a focus in things that are progressive and Black.  She is a full time professor of Literature at Montgomery County Community College.  Her company, Lil SoSo Productions is well known in DC and can be found at

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Vacation is over.  Hans and I talk Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, Kaepernick, and Paul Mooney.  Did we miss something?  Call us! 646-504-5476

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