Back of the Theater Podcast

We start the show with another discussion of religion in the Black community.  We try to talk about the Oscars and then discover we have only seen 2 of the films.  Maybe next time.  Email us at

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Show regular Bill Grant returns to fill in for Hans.  We talk fatherhood, Bill Cosby, and Eddie Murphy.  We also discuss the impact of Birth of a Nation.  Call us at 646-504-5476.

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We talk with writer/artist Radha Blank about her upcoming show at Joe's Pub in New York City Feb 18. We talk all things tv writing, comedy, and Empire! Email us at

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Hans is in the car on the way back from a gig.  We start the show by arguing about radio.  We talk about the big game on Sunday.  We watch the trailer to Magic Mike 2.  Random show.  A lot fun.  Enjoy.  Leave us your thoughts on the show voicemail.  646-504-5476

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