Back of the Theater Podcast

Hans Returns and reports from his trip to the LA film festival. We talk about the business side of film festivals and how to network.  Menelek talks about a recent concert of 90's R&B stars.  Then we kind of just listen to music for the rest of the show.

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Hans is traveling this week.  We called Aunt Rhonda from the Bull Pen for some relief pitching.  We talk about Black Preachers, Do The Right Thing, Die Hard and The Yearling.  She really likes The Yearling.  Follow the show at















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Tahir Jetter returns to talk about his web series "Hard Times".  We talk about the job of a director.  And Chris Isaak.  Yeah.  That happened. Check out the show at


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Bill Grant returns for a debate about LeBron James and Michael Jordan.  We also talk John Singleton, Luther Vandross and the Spygate Scandal.  Give your thoughts on the show to

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