Back of the Theater Podcast

We discuss the Michael Brown case and the riots in Ferguson.  What is the future of activism in Black America?  Menelek talks about his new found fatherhood. Happy Thanksgiving.  Like us on facebook.

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Bill Grant returns to guest host with Hans.  Menelek is away with his new born baby, Mateo.  We talk Bill Cosby, and the awful Aaliyah bio pic.  Like our show at

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We begin with a discussion about an Op-Ed piece written by Lawrence Otis Graham about racism and money.  Does wealth destroy racism?  We then discuss the social evolution of the Black Church.  Like us on

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We breakdown the demorcrats loss in the mid-term elections.  We actually have a civil conversation about religion.  We also play a clip of Mos Def vs Chirstopher Hitchens.  Not pretty.  Email us at

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