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Hans is overseas on a show.  He calls in to discuss the twitter and intellectual beef of Coates and West.  Who is right? 

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We break down the election, talk cinema, and life.



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Software Developer and cyrpto currency expert Mario Moorhead joins the show to talk about the future of money.  And West Side Story.

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We didn't get into Sundance.  Well, most people didn't.  We process the news and talk some world politics.


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Menelek is a ball of nerves as we wait for the Sundance results.  We also discuss the Louis CK scandal. 

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One year ago Trump was elected president.  Hans and Bill Fight.  

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We try to have sympathy for Tyrese.  It doesn't quite work out.  We revisit the rise an fall of the Fugees.

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The main edit of 1 Angry Black Man is finished.  Menelek is nervous that people like it

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We breakdown the fallout from this scandal taking Hollywood by storm.



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Danicah Waldo is an actress from New York City.  She plays the part of "Rachel" in 1 Angry Black Man. 

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A classic episode.  

We argue about Cam Newton and Beyonce.  First aired 2-10-2016

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Gabrielle Bruno is a professional First AD.  She work on 1 Angry Black Man with Hans and Menelek.

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Hans Return from LA where 13th won 4 Emmy awards.  He breaks down the experience and we talk about Wyclef.  

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First Aired in 2015.  The great Arthur Jafa joins us for a conversation on all things cinema. 



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Hans leaves for the west coast for the creative Emmy's.  We discuss Hurricane Irma and Hospital Fashion.

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Hans is on the road.  We talk about the Hurricane the challenge of faith.  Menelek talks about his struggles with grief.  Hans and Menelek talk about their friendship and cry.  Ugh. 

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Ramon plays the role of "Eddie" in the upcoming 1 Angry Black Man.  He is from The Bronx, New York City.

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Keith is an Actor from New York.  He plays the lead in 1 Angry Black Man. 

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We Back!  We report for the shoot of 1 Angry Black Man.  We talk about shooting in the Bronx and the nature of film collaboration.  Email us at

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Menelek is all alone.  He talks a bit about shooting 1 Angry Black Man and some of the best film scores of all time.

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Times have changed.  We will be back with a new show next week to talk about the production of our first feature film.  Menelek was in a dark place here. 


Hans reports from the BlackStar film festival.  We talk about Mara Akil's new deal.  Hans stages an intervention for Menelek on how to be in Show Buisiness.  Email us at

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We break down Rob Kardashian's social media meltdown.  Menelek hates mumble rap.  We have an update on our independent film.  

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We breakdown the BET AWARDS.  This is the LAST WEEK OF CROWDFUNDING FOR 1 ANGRY BLACK MAN.  Have the moral courage to donate.


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We discuss the new Tupac and the death of Prodigy. 

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Elizabeth Banks had a foot in mouth moment.  3 weeks left on our indiegogo campaign.  Donate today!

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She’s shared the stage with artists including the late Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, Stevie Wonder, Outkast, The Pharcyde, Cody Chestnutt, MIA, Mos Def, Slum Village, Raphael Saadiq, De La Soul, NoDoubt, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Bruno Mars and Aaliyah. She co-wrote on Tupac's "Mamas just a Little Girl," from his 2x's multi platinum album, Better Dayz, which is currently featured in a PowerAde campaign with Derrick Rose. She recorded with Jane's Addiction on the track “Superhero” which was the title song for the HBO hit, Entourage and has written campaigns for Target and Old Navy. She received rave reviews as Harper in the feature film, “In The Morning:” dir. by Nefertite Nguvu with legendary cinematographers Arthur Java and Bradford Young. Most notably she is the original singer and collaborator of The Black Eyed Peas on their first two albums, which received the most critical acclaim.

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We talk LeBron and NBA hall of famers.  We talk about out crowd funding campaign as well.  Please donate at


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We start with a random argument about emails.  We discuss LaVar Ball and his latest foolishness.  We talk flat earth politics as well.  Three Weeks left in our Indiegogo Campaign. Donate here...


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Hans is in pre-production.  He talks camera lenses and images.  We tell some old film school stories. 

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Menelek is all by himself tonight.  He starts with a discussion of Steve Harvey's latest mishap.  He then breaks down some of the greatest movie monologues of all time.  Please support the crowdfunding campaign for our film 1 Angry Black Man.  Information can be found here


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The campaign is live.  We talk about the film and crowdfunding.  To support the film, please visit...



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Menelek can't stop listening to "Damn", the new Kendrick Lamar record.  Hans is mad that Menelek likes it.  Hans and Menelek argue over health tips.  The guys break down the Jesse Williams controversy.  Crowdfunding for 1 Angry Black Man starts soon.  Information can be found here.


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Menelek share his thoughts on the Netfilx Documentary about the Sandy Hook shooting.  Our Crowdfunding campaign has been pushed back two weeks.  Find information about our film at


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We discuss John Ridley's controversial comments about the lack of Black Female representation in his new Showtime series "Guerrilla".  We debate music producers.  Our crowdfunding campaign starts April 19th.  Find more information about the film here.

Please like and share the page.





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We provide a frame by frame  analysis of the new Pepsi commercial, featuring Kendall Jenner getting woke.  Our crowdfunding campaign goes live in 2 weeks!  Please join our mailing list at this link..


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We start the show with a conversation about Dr. Stacey Patton's new book about the danger of child abuse.  We get into a discussion about Woody Allen and Menelek wants to ban Cisco again.


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Heidi is a filmmaker and associate producer for National Public Radio’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces to Watch in 2014, she completed a master’s degree in Film and Media Arts on a Future Faculty Fellowship from Temple University. Her thesis film, The Maid (Il Shaghala), a short film she wrote and directed, premiered as an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 and went on to screen at festivals worldwide.

Namour, her first feature length film, was awarded the LA Muse Jury Award at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival, where the film had its world premiere.  Namour was awarded the Panavision New Filmmaker Grant, a Knight Foundation Grant, and the script was developed with the Sundance Screenwriters Intensive Lab.   Namour is streaming on Netflix.

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Dr. Bill Grant Returns.  We start with a discussion about the DNC.  We then talk about Sam Jackson's comments on the casting of "Get Out".  We end with an in depth discussion about music.  Email us at



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We dive into the history of hip hop and talk about the greatest rap battles of all time.  Does Menelek really like Music?

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Hans is back from LA and has some Oscar Party Stories.  We talk about our time at Howard University and learning under the great Haile Gerima.  We do a critical analysis of Friday an discuss low budget film making.  Email us at

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Hans talks about the Oscars.  We discuss our new film project.

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We get personal and talk about childhood trauma, therapy and pain.  Also Beyonce.

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Hans gloats about the Patriots win.  Menelek rants about several things.




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Hans gloats about the Patriot's win.  We talk the Superbowl and Menelek talks about religion.


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We start with some celebrity gossip.  We then break down the controversial statements made by Salma Hayek at a Sundance Women's brunch.  

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The 13th was nominated for best documentary.  He is a little uncomfortable with the new attention.

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We start with some fan emails.  Why do women listen to Steve Harvey?  Why did half of white women vote for Trump?  Why does the pope the wear a wizard costume?

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Special edition.  Argument About Eddie Long

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We breakdown the legacy of Barack Obama

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We start the show playing a clip from Kim Burrell's homophobic comments.  We argue about Lee Daniels.  Then we fight about who is more empathetic to the LGBT community.  Lots of yelling.



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Special New Years Day Show.  Menelek and Hans breakdown the old year and prepare for the new.  We discuss Star Wars Rogue One as well.

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