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We work through some issues in the beginning of the show.  We have been getting on each other's nerves.  It happens.  We then dive into a conversation about Tyler Perry's recent boxoffice problems.  And then we get into a Kanye vortex.  Email us at

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Professor and Filmmaker Dr. Bill Grant joins the show.  He talks about his film and teaching career.  We get into a debate about Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song.  This podcast covers a lot of ground: Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Jimi Hendrix and the current state of film criticism.  Pick up his book Post-Soul Black Cinema: Discontinuities, Innovations and Breakpoints, 1970-1995.  A great read.

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Actress DeWanda Wise joins us for a chat about the craft of acting.  She tells stories about auditions, New York & Los Angeles.  Great conversation.  Follow her on twitter @DeWandaWise

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We start the show with a discussion about the tragedy in Gerogia on the set of "Midnight Rider".  Hans talks about crew safety and how this accident might change filmmaking forever.  We discuss the Oscars and the validity of award shows.  And we talk hair.  True story. 

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