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We are taking next week off. We ramble about Obama and Cornell West

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1 Angry Black Man is an official selection at the Denton Black Film Festival in Texas.  This is our 8th official selection.  In this episode, a political fight turns into a fight about Peter Lugar's steakhouse. Somehow. 

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Writer/Director Nikyatu Jusu's films have screened at festivals nationally and internationally garnering her NYU’s prestigious Spike Lee Fellowship Award, the Princess Grace Narrative film grant and Director’s Guild of America Honorable Mentions, to name a few.  Three of her shorts were acquired by and aired on HBO, her most recent being Flowers, which she co-wrote and co-directed.  


Her latest short film Suicide By Sunlight: a project funded by the production grant THROUGH HER LENS sponsored by the Tribeca Film Institute and Chanel, will make its debut at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. This project was also awarded a Rooftop Films/ Adrienne Shelly Foundation Short Film Grant.

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Hans and I ramble about what happens about what happens when you die. 

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We give a full breakdown of the midterm elections and the future of the democratic party. 

1 Angry Black Man screens at UPENN in Philly on November 29th. 

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Hans reports from the Da Bounce Urban Film Festival in Amsterdam. 

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Menelek just came back from a screening of "1 Angry Black Man" at Chicago State University.  Hans is on his way to Amsterdam for the Da Bounce Urban Film Festival.  We argue about politics and what it means to be an expert. 

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Just is a Director from New York City.  His film 8 Million Miles From Hintahood screened at the BlackStar and Urbanworld film festivals.  


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Our film won Best Narrative Feature at Gary.  We start the show with a breakdown of Drake's response to Pusha T.  He stinks. 

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Hans and Menelek are back.  We discuss the Urbanworld Film Festival.  1 Angry Black Man won Honorable Mention in the best Narrative Feature category.  We will be at the Baltimore International Black Film Fest on October 6th at 2:30.



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We recorded this breakdown of white on white rap crime before Urbanworld.  We will give the breakdown of Urbanworld next week.

The film Screens at the Baltimore International Black Film Festival on October 6th at 2:30pm.


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"1 Angry Black Man" will screen on September 22nd at 5:45 pm at the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City.  You can watch the trailer and buy tickets here.....


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We sit with Nefertite Nguvu at the BlackStar film festival.  We discuss her film "Myself When I Am Real" and "1 Angry Black Man."

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We start with playing some audio for the Whoreable Decisions Podcast.  Their partnership is falling apart.  Menelek talks about his new desire to live.  

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Quick show this week.  Hans is on a train back to DC, so the audio is a little tricky.  1 Angry Black Man screens Friday, August 24th at 3:20pm.  Tickets available at

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Menelek talks about his latest meeting with the shrink.  We play some clips of Robert Glasper throwing some serious shade. 

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We both saw Spike Lee's BlackKklansman on Saturday night and had to talk about it.  It lasted for 2 hours.

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Thank you...

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Out last show before the Blackstar Film Fest.  Tickets for 1 Angry Black Man can be purchased here.

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Menelek is all alone.  Hans has a gig.  Menelek breaks down this modern classic. 

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We talk about the process of finishing the film.  1 Angry Black Man screens on August 2nd at 3:30pm @ the International House Philadelphia.  Tickets available Here...

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First Aired in April of 2014.  Maori Holmes is the Artistic Director of the BlackStar Film Festival.

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We talk about the current state of democratic politics.  It ain't pretty.

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Mike Shum is a professional Cinematographer, Director and Editor.  He was the primary editor of "1 Angry Black Man"

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Hans and I talk about our LA meetings.  Are we in Show Bizz yet?  We talk about the loss of Anthony Bourdain and more talk about Menelek's Anger.



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We start with another fight about Obama's legacy.  We then dive into the Pusha T's Diss Track of some guy from Canada.



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We start the show with a light and easy conversation about the new Cobra Kai series on YouTube Red.  Then we go deep into Menelek's therapy and the virtue of forgiveness. 

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Another Argument about rap.  I lost about 2 minutes of the conversation.  Please ignore the bad edit around the one hour mark.  

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Comic book expert Lenard Teague comes in to break down The Avengers Infinity Wars.  Then we talk about Donald Glover's "This is America" video.  Why are people so mad, bro?

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.We cover Kanye's meltdown, Cosby's conviction and some other stuff.

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We breakdown the Kanye's twitter meltdown and discuss our first screening of 1 Angry Black Man.

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Erika Nunez was the Costume Designer for 1 Angry Black Man.  We tell stories from the set.  

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We start with a discussion of Glam Rock and The HBO documentary Andre the Giant.  We then dive into the 2018 Elections. 

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We breakdown some feed back we received from a film festival.  (we didn't get it)  Menelek's son makes a cameo.


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We break down the theft of student funds by a Howard Student Employee.

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We talk about our long friendship and how to care for young Black minds. 

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We talk about the finish line for 1 Angry Black Man.  Post production and general.  How do you learn the art and craft of filmmaking?

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Comic Superfan Leonard (First Fan of the Show) comes in to breakdown Black Panther and all things Comics.  We dive into the origin story of Black Panther and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Our nerdiest podcast yet!

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We argue about art for an hour.  BLACK PANTHER IN THEATERS NOW!

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We break down the big game and a bombshell interview with Quincy Jones

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We talk about the struggles of making "Waterworld" and bad movie accents.  We end with some stores about film school at Howard.

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We talk about the film's with the biggest buzz at Sundance.  We also break down Monique's fight against Netflix.

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We break down some old and new films this week.  Hans still hates musicals but enjoyed Menelek's suggestion to revisit Moonstruck.  We talk about modern day cinematography.  What makes something good when you have endless resources? 

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Hans and Menelek talk about Post Production and how editing is where real filmmaking happens.  Email us at

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Menelek hated The Last Jedi.  Hans defends science fiction by trashing musicals.  We then talk about big budget productions falling apart.  Email us at

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