Back of the Theater Podcast
Christian Epps’ career as a lighting designer has spanned more than two decades covering the range from major motion pictures, broadcast television, live theater, dance, music videos and special
events.  He talks cinematography & working with directors like Spike Lee and Hype Williams.


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We talk Tony Dungy and his comments on Michael Sam. We talk about the new Roger Ebert Documentary "Life Itself" and the impact of internet film criticism. We also talk about the tragic death of Eric Garner and the impact of Police Work in the Black community. Email us at

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Montré Missouri sits on the faculty at Howard University's film school and is the Founding Director of Parallel Film Collective. Find more information at

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Buckle Up.  Lots of topics this week.  Hip Hop Radio.  The Godfather.  Apocolypse Now.  Do The Right Thing.  Transformers (film and TV show).  And lots of other stuff.  Email us at Like our facebook page.

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Relax.  We don't talk about Nick Cannon the whole show.  We get into some news stories and talk about educational issues facing young Black people.  Menelek talks about seeing his child for the first time.

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