Back of the Theater Podcast

We look back at our first year of the podcdast and discuss the future.  We play show clips and talk about our favorite moments.  Leave a message on our new show voice mail at 646-504-5476

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We start the show with a conversation about Fox's Empire.  That turns into a talk about Lee Daniels and homophobia in the Black Community.  We end the show with a little sports talk and the cheating Patriots.  Email us at 

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We start the show talking about one of our epic text fights.  We dive into a full analysis and conversion about the MLK film Selma. What is the future of activism?  Email us at

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Menelek talks about a scary trip to the hospital.  Hans responds to twitter trolls.  We also talk about Top Five & NAS.  Email us

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We finish our conversation from last week and talk about the Iggy Azalea vs. Azealia Banks radio and twitter war.  We end the show with a conversation about the NYPD.  Happy New Year. Email us at

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